A quick note on the blogs - mommy will be going back and backfilling old entries as she has time (I can't imagine what else she does all day...), so check back periodically to see my past milestones get filled in!
I'm loving this new walker toy... it's new found freedom! Mom & Dad let me practice with it lots and I've gotten really good. Tonight I even managed to do a little one-handed walking! Mom was a little slow with the video camera, so she didn't catch it on film, but she does have some other video of me walking around from a few days ago. I just keep getting better every day!  My favorite thing is when I find my walker by myself and get going without anyone's help.
I turned 11 months old on November 15th - I'm almost a year old now!

I said my first word a few weeks ago - on October 3rd. Grandma Ginger & Grandpa Dennis were visiting when I started saying "baby". Later, when Mom & I were putting my pajamas on in my bedroom, I found a gerber onesie with a picture of a baby on the tag. I grabbed it, pointed to the baby with my finger and said "baby". My mom was so impressed!

A few days later, I started saying "ball", too! Mom got a good video of me saying it on my 11 month birthday. I was playing with my favorite orange PwC ball (from mommy's old work days) and started talking when mom pulled out the video camera.
A few days later, we attended Jacoby's 1st birthday party. Mom and Dad got lots of video of me playing with all of Jacoby's fun toys! We had so much fun at the party. It made me really excited to see what's in store for me at my first birthday party... only a few weeks away!
Can you believe I'm 10 months old already? Where does the time go?!?

I went to the Lodi Grape Festival with Mom & Dad today. We met our friends Robyn, Adam & Jayne there and enjoyed some Beatles music played by The Fab Four. I enjoyed sitting on Mom & Dad's shoulders and bobbing to the music. I was really getting in to it!

The past few months have been so busy! We went on vacation in Oregon at the end of August, Mom & I have been going to lots of playdates with friends, we've had adventures in the park, we've visited friends and family and I've enjoyed spending time with my Dad in the evenings and weekends.

In August, I started to cruise (walking while holding on to furniture), but I'm not too crazy about it. I'd much rather get down and crawl when I need to get somewhere. It's so much faster!

I got my first tooth on Saturday morning - boy was I grumpy leading up to that tooth. Getting teeth hurts! It's just the first though, so I know I have some more grumpy times ahead of me... good thing Mom & Dad know how to make me smile again!

On top of all of that, I started standing on my own in September! I'm up to about 10 seconds on my own. I can walk when Mom & Dad hold my hands, and I'm getting the leg motions down pretty well. Walking with my parents is fun, and standing is a cool new trick, but I still like crawling best, though. I can't wait to learn to walk by myself. I love watching other kids run around and can't wait for the day I can do that, too!
I started pulling up this month! I had done it a few times in my crib, but I started experimenting more with other furniture around the house. All the sudden, I just pulled myself up on my activity table and was standing! I was so proud of myself!

I've been busy this month with my mom & dad. We spent the 4th of July in Oregon with Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Stan. I went to the fireworks show with Mom, Dad & Grandpa Stan and I saw fireworks for the first time! I was excited about them at first, but after the first few I got a little scared and wanted to stay in Mom's lap for the rest of the show.

What a great month!

I started crawling this week! Yay!
I crawled for the first time while visiting my Great Grandma Jackie & Great Grandpa Ernie on Tuesday. Mom & I went over there for lunch and had a really nice day with them. Here are some pictures of me with Great Grandma.
Later in the week, Mom & Dad took me up to Oregon to visit Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Stan for the weekend. Mom got some good video of me crawling the first night we were there. It was the first time Daddy had seen me crawl! I'm pretty quick already.
It's Father's Day eve, and I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome my Daddy is! I love him SOOO MUCH. He is the best Daddy ever. I smile when I see him and he's the only one who can always make me laugh. I know that he spoils me sometimes - and I love it! I can't wait to get a little bit older so we can go on fun Daddy & Daughter adventures. He is so much fun to be around. Here's a video of us together on Father's Day eve.
Here I am, showing off all my new found talents! I haven't quite mastered crawling, or pulling up, but I'm getting close! I'm darn good at sitting up, though. I've been doing that since I was 5 months old. :)
I got my first taste of puffs... my first real finger food! I wasn't too sure how to get them in to my mouth at first, but managed to figure it out eventually. That was, of course, after dumping the entire container on the floor first! Mom let me have fun with them and let me do it by myself. Woohoo! Next step, PIZZA!!

(Video taken using iphone video. Music added using YouTube's Audioswap feature - pretty snazzy!)
I spent my seven month birthday at Grandma & Grandpa K's. They hosted me & Mommy while Daddy was traveling in Texas. I had lots of fun in Stockton - visiting friends & family. Great Grandma Tacey was visiting my grandparents and so I got to spend lots of time with her, too.

On Tuesday night, while Mommy was tucking me in (I was already asleep), I woke up when she pulled the sheet up over me and my arm.flailed .. hitting Mommy in the eye. I could tell it really hurt her because she covered her eye with her hand immediately and started to tear up. I cried, too, and felt really bad that I'd hurt her. Mommy told me that she knew it was an accident and wasn't my fault. That made me feel better.

The next day, the doctor told my mommy that I'd scratched her eye, but it would be ok as long as she put ointment in it every day for a week. And no contact lenses for her either. She told me today that it was starting to feel better, and would be fully healed in no time. That made me happy.

Here are some pictures of me on my seven month birthday at Grandma & Grandpa's house.