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July 4, 2010 -
(7 1/2 months old)

Happy Birthday to me! I decided to make my appearance in the world today (on my Uncle David's birthday!)

First responsive smile - Dad & Mom sat with me, joking and laughing, and I joined in with a big grin! They tested it out a few times more – laughing and smiling at me, and I responded with my toothless grin smiling back at them.

First visit to Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Stan's - I flew on Southwest with Mom & Dad (they held me on their laps) and I did great! Mom fed me at take off and I didn't cry much at all. It was late when we arrived at Grandma & Grandpa's house, but I was excited to meet them.

A few days after we arrived, I met my Uncle Dave, Aunt Carmel, Aunt Laura, Uncle Roger and cousins (Amy, Emma & Dale), along with my Grand Aunt Patty (who was visiting all the way from Alaska!).

Mom told me I was fascinated by Amy – I had a lengthy “conversation” (cooing and making noises in response to her when she talked) with her and tracked her intently whenever Amy was around. This was also the first time I ever “tracked” anyone!

First night "babysat" - Mom & Dad went on a date night and Grandma Ginger came up to our house to watch me for the evening. I had fun with grandma - and mom & dad enjoyed their time away with just the two of them!

First birthday party! I attended Jayne's first birthday party - it was the first one I'd been to, too. I had fun with the other babies there, but I was a little cranky by the end of the party. Mom had to bounce me towards the end of the visit (Robyn & Adam took turns helping, too!).

2 month checkup - my doctor visit went well. I'm growing well and mom said I took my shots like a pro! My head size is in the 30th percentile (38.5 cm), weight is 50th (11 lbs, 2 oz) and height is 80th (23.5 inches).

First vacation! Mom & Dad took me to a cabin in Downieville to get away for a few days. We stayed right on the river and didn't do a whole lot other than relax.

Teething begins (?) - I started to show the first signs of teething around 3 months old. Lots of chewing on anything I could find and lots of drooling... Mom had to buy me waterproof bibs so I didn't drench all of my clothes!

First week of Daycare - Mom & I went in to visit together on Monday, and she left me there all by myself for a little while on Tuesday. I did ok, but I was sad when she left at lunch and didn't feed me. She wanted Ms. Cynthia (the daycare teacher) to do it instead, but I just wanted my mom! Mom started back to work on Wednesday and it was my first full day at daycare. It was a rough week, but I had a good time and made some new friends there.

4 month checkup - Mom said I did great during my shots, but got a fever later and was an unhappy girl. :-( Tylenol, lots of cuddles and nursing tonight seem to be helping. I'm doing great on my stats - weight is 13 lbs, 1 oz (45th %); length is 25" (75th %) - and head size is up to the 50th %!

First laugh! Mommy & Daddy loved hearing it... I enjoyed it, too! Mommy lifted me up over her head and I had so much fun that I let out a little laugh!

Rolling over - First tummy to back, then back to front the very next night! Once I learned how to do it one way, I picked up quickly on going back the other way.

Sitting up - At the O'Brien's house (for "Sausagefest") in the backyard, sitting on a blanket with Carly & Jacoby. Mom sat me down and I sat up for approximately 15 minutes by myself!

1st Roadtrip! - drove up to Oregon with Mom & Dad - slept most of the way up... didn't sleep as much on the way home, though. :-/

6 month checkup - The doctors says I'm doing great! Here are my stats:
27" long (95%), 15 lbs (25%) & 41 cm head size (20%). I'm a tall, skinny girl with a tiny head! :)

First partial "pull up" - I pulled myself up to while at the O'Brien's house (the other kids there must make me feel challenged to show off!). I used a tray that was about 18 inches high and pulled myself up on it (hugging the tray). I wasn't quite upright yet, though.

Sitting up - I've mastered sitting up by myself now! The bad part is, I haven't quite figured out how to get back down yet. I started to cry during nap time, and Mom came in to find me sitting up in my crib. She helped me lay back down so I could get some rest.

First BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) ride - that's right, my first public transit ride! I was excited to get to sit on my mom & dad's laps as the scenery went by. Usually I have to sit in my carseat all by myself for that sort of thing! We went to Berkeley to meet Uncle Chris & Kitt for the day. I had fun getting strolled around the town. Future Cal student, perhaps?

First full "pull up" - I pulled myself up to standing (briefly) in my crib. Mom was there to witness it before I fell down on my bottom. She was very proud of me!

First eye exam - passed with flying colors! A little near sighted (normal for my age), but I'm cleared for the next 2 years.

Crawling! I started crawling today. Watch out Mom & Dad!

First 4th of July - and the first time I've seen fireworks! Mom & Dad let me stay up late to watch the fireworks in Woodburn with them. I was really interested in them when I first saw them, but then I got a little scared. Mom held me the rest of the show and I did better in her lap.